6 Most Popular Indian Flat Bread Roti brands from Kesar Grocery Store

When it comes to satisfying your appetite with comfort and flavor, homestyle flatbread rotis are a delicious option that adds a touch of tradition to every meal. Roti is an everyday staple in Indian cuisine, delivering the best compliment to various dishes.  

If you are short on time or don’t have the necessary skills to roll out a few rotis, we have a solution for you. At Kesar Grocery, we provide you with the best collection of homemade flatbreads, which will undoubtedly enhance your dining experience and gratify your cravings for food. 

Among the wide range of options available, the homestyle flatbread roti from our online grocery store has won the hearts and taste buds of many people in the USA! We are happy to bring you a selection of brands presenting their unique twists on this traditional favorite – ROTI.  

Check out the top six homestyle flatbread brands that capture consumers’ eyes on our shelves: Haldiram, Rotikaa, Arya, Shri, Deep, and Vadilal.  

Haldiram – A Taste of Heritage   

Haldiram is a well-known brand when it comes to Indian foods and desserts. It has a decades-long legacy of successfully blending traditional flavors with modern convenience. These rotis, made with the best ingredients such as whole wheat flour (also known as atta), oil, and water, exhibit the ideal mix of softness and warmth.

Haldiram’s rotis come in a variety of flavors and nutritional profiles to satisfy various dietary demands and preferences. It’s a healthy choice for those who adore the pure taste, as it contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. So, treat yourself to the authentic flavors of India with the variety of Haldiram’s homestyle flatbread, readily accessible at our grocery store.   

  • Haldiram Phulka Roti: Haldiram Phulka Rotis are whole wheat flatbreads that are soft and fluffy and are typically made to be light and puffy. This Phulka Roti is pliable and easy to split into bite-sized pieces. They are an integral part of Indian cooking and are frequently eaten with different curries, sabzis (vegetable dishes), lentils, and side dishes.
  • Haldiram Multigrain Chapati: Haldiram Multigrain Chapati is a nutrient-rich flatbread comprised of whole wheat flour, multigrain flour (Soy, Maize, Barley, Ragi, Oats, Chang Dal), water, milk, refined sunflower oil, and salt. It is an increasingly nutritious alternative to regular rotis. It is a wholesome option for people who want to include different grains in their diet.
  • Haldiram Tandoori Roti: These tandoori rotis are baked in a clay oven, which lends them a somewhat burnt and smoky flavor. These rotis have a wonderful tandoor-baked aroma and are a little bit thicker and chewier than regular rotis. They are a common accompaniment to various Indian culinary delights, including rich gravies, kebabs, and creamy plates like butter chicken.  
  • Haldiram Gluten-Free Chapati: These gluten-free flatbreads are created with alternative flour, including rice, millet, or chickpea flour. This roti has a light and delicate texture, making it suitable for individuals who must avoid gluten in their dietary habits. As it can be paired with various gluten-free dishes and dipping sauces, this roti is ideal for anyone with gluten intolerance.

Whether you want traditional soft rotis, healthier multigrain options, tandoor-baked delights, or gluten-free alternatives, Haldiram has a wide selection that caters to your culinary desires. Try them out to find out why they’re so popular with customers!

Rotikaa – Flavor and Freshness Come Together   

Homestyle flatbread roti from Rotikaa, which will transport you to the root of Indian cuisine, offers an authentically delicious taste. Each bite of this flatbread encapsulates the spirit of home-cooked comfort, meticulously produced by expert artisans.   

The soft and smooth texture of this flatbread roti makes it an ideal partner for various recipes. Each Rotikaa homestyle roti variety provides a unique experience, catering to various tastes and nutritional requirements. At Kesar Grocery, you can get multiple flatbreads from Rotikaa, promising a delightful meal.  

  • Rotikaa Whole Wheat Chapati: Whole wheat chapati is an everyday flatbread in Indian homes made from perfectly ground whole wheat flour. It is soft, flexible, and fiber-rich, giving you lasting energy as well as supporting your digestive health. It is a versatile and wholesome choice that goes well with many different recipes like veggies, curries, lentil meals.
  • Rotikaa Multigrain Roti: Multigrain roti, which combines various grains and flours, gives a variety of tastes and nutrients. It includes different flours, including wheat, millet, oats, as well as others, so it provides an optimal amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional chapati and an excellent way to enjoy a well-balanced and flavorful roti while consuming multiple grains in your daily meals.   
  • Rotikaa Wheat Bhakhri: In some parts of India, a flatbread known as wheat bhakhri is preferred. It is thicker and firmer than regular chapati, with a rustic flavor and texture that allows it to last longer in storage. It has a distinct texture and is frequently baked on a griddle. It’s a great companion to spicy pickles, curd or as a snack with a cup of tea.

Arya – A Healthy and Delicious Fusion   

Arya’s homestyle flatbread roti is the perfect option for those who value their health but won’t sacrifice taste. Made with whole wheat flour and well-chosen ingredients, these rotis from Arya are an example of the brand’s belief in fusing flavor with good health. 

With each bite, you are taken on a tour of India’s diverse food traditions and introduced to an original flavor that instantly makes you think of homemade bliss. Try them and elevate your meals with an Indian touch. At our store, we offer below homestyle flatbread rotis from Arya:  

  • Arya Whole Wheat Roti: These wheat flatbreads from Arya are a nutritious and satisfying option for any occasion. This essential staple is made with whole wheat flour, canola oil, salt, and water. These rotis are a convenient and delicious alternative for a base for your favorite fillings or as a side dish with your favorite recipes. 
  • Arya Methi Roti: Arya Methi Rotis are a fragrant and flavorful twist on regular rotis. These rotis are filled with the distinct flavor of methi (fenugreek) and are made with wheat flour and a large quantity of finely chopped fenugreek leaves. It is widely known for its bitter-sweet taste and potential health benefits. A few types of pickles, yogurt, or creamy side dishes go best with it.
  • Arya Multigrains Roti: Multigrain roti, made of different multigrain flour and flaxseeds, offers an extensive nutrient profile and a satisfying flavor. In each bite, these rotis serve as a source of whole grains. A small amount of salt helps to enhance the flavor, while canola oil adds a mild flavoring. These rotis are enjoyable whether served with a main course or alone.
  • Arya Spinach Roti: If you are looking to add more greens to your diet, go for this Arya Spinach Rotis. These flavorful, highly nutrient- rotis are made with wheat flour, freshly cut spinach, cumin seeds, spices, canola oil, salt, and water. These spinach rotis are a convenient and delicious option, whether you’re applying them as a base for your preferred stuffing or having them as an accompaniment with your favorite dishes.
  • Arya Phulka Roti: These delightful Phulka Rotis will add a touch of authentic Indian flavor to your dinner table. These rotis are a better choice compared to regular bread because they are made with essential, natural ingredients like wheat flour, canola oil, and salt. Arya Phulka Rotis will delight you with its flavor and texture. They go well with Indian food, from dry sabzis to hearty gravies.

Shri – Embracing Traditional Delicacy  

Shree delivers the basic taste and nourishment of traditional whole wheat flatbreads, making it a fantastic accompaniment to a range of Indian cuisines. This flatbread roti is made with the pure goodness of wheat, embracing the flavors that have satisfied Indian households for decades. It’s a staple component in Indian cooking and is a versatile addition to various culinary styles. 

  • Shree Whole Wheat Chapati: It is soft, flexible, and healthy, delivering a balanced mixture of carbohydrates and fiber. This is adequately baked to give its unique texture and a slightly charred exterior. It is the ideal match for curries, gravies, lentil meals, veggies, and more. Additionally, it can be used to make rolls or wraps for a simple yet filling supper. It’s also delicious with a bit of ghee on top. 

For those craving a tasty yet wholesome option, Shri’s flatbread roti is perfect. Shri’s homestyle flatbread roti, available at our online grocery store, will transport you to a classic and fundamental Indian flavor.   

Deep – Diverse Culinary Adventures, One Brand  

Deep is a brand that is renowned for its versatility and culinary excellence, and its homestyle flatbread roti products are proof of its adherence to gratifying a wide range of palates. Deep provides a wide range of options that will satisfy every taste preference, from rice rotis to ones enhanced with bright tandoori spices. 

  • Deep Rice Roti: Deep Rice roti is a gluten-free flatbread produced from rice flour that serves as an alternative to typical wheat-based rotis. The texture of rice roti is light and delicate, with a slight rice taste and a little crispy crust when baked. Each roti contains only 80 calories and less than 1 gram of fat, making it an ideal choice for people managing their caloric intake. Also, rice roti is organically vegan and free of preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • Deep Makki Ki Roti: Makki ki roti, made with coarse maize flour (cornmeal), is primarily a standard choice in North Indian cuisine. It features a unique corn flavor, a little crumbly texture, and a rustic impression from the granulated maize flour. It’s a wintertime specialty but also combines well with other curries and lentil dishes.  
  • Deep Tandoori Roti: Tandoori roti is an example of a flatbread baked in a tandoor (clay oven), giving it a somewhat charred and smoky flavor. The ingredients for deep tandoori roti include wheat flour, water, milk, corn oil, salt, and sodium bicarbonate. It has a chewy texture, a beautiful tandoor-baked aroma, and is thicker than regular rotis. It pairs well with thick gravies, tandoori meals, kebabs, and other savory Indian cuisines.

Deep offers a variety of alternatives to enhance and compliment your meals, whether you prefer the light texture of rice roti, the bite of makki ki roti, or the typical tandoor-baked sweetness. Rekindle your enthusiasm for homestyle cuisine with us!

Vadilal – Cultivating Food Experiences   

Vadilal Quick Treats is widely recognized for its mouthwatering frozen foods. Their selection of homestyle flatbread roti is another area of particular attention. While introducing its own unique twist, it preserves the true spirit of Indian cuisine. Vadilal’s homemade flatbread roti presents a great combination of tastes.   

  • Vadilal Bulk Rumali Roti: Rumali roti, which corresponds to “handkerchief bread” in Hindi, is a thinner, softer, and larger flatbread than conventional rotis. These delightful Rumali Rotis are a north Indian specialty and part of the distinct Mughlai cuisine. It’s recognized for its soft, slightly chewy texture and is frequently folded or wrapped to look like a handkerchief. They complement most Indian recipes (especially gravies, curries, and tandoori dishes) and enrich your dining experience.
  • Vadilal Bajri Rotla: Vadilal Bajri Rotla is a classic Indian bread produced from bajra (pearl millet) flour that is best known for its hearty flavor and nutritional benefits. It has a rustic, crumbling appearance that distinguishes it. It is frequently consumed in areas of India where bajra is a staple harvest. It is typically consumed with ghee, jaggery, or curd, as well as vegetable meals made with leafy greens or lentils.  

Every variation of Vadilal homestyle roti has a unique flavor and culinary tradition, catering to various regional tastes and particular dietary needs. Whether you’re looking for the earthiness of bajri rotla or the elegance of rumali roti, Vadilal presents choices that can add value to your culinary adventures.


Let’s venture on a gastronomic trip with these recognized brands and indulge in the excellent harmony of taste, texture, and tradition their homestyle flatbread rotis offer. Each brand contributes its distinctive touch to your platter, certifying that each serving is a delight in itself somehow.  

Whether you’re looking for traditional, health-conscious options, or a flavor explosion, these rotis have something for everyone. Explore it now for numerous options, from plain roti and paratha to traditional naan and kulcha, to redefine how you consume food. 
If you are ready to embark on a culinary adventure that honors the art of homestyle flatbreads, visit our online store – KESAR GROCERY!

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