Indian Pickles: Are They Good For Your Health?

Do you remember the best part about summer vacations? It’s grandma’s mouthwatering pickles. Who doesn’t love pickles? One of the main reasons to visit grandma’s house in childhood was to have the delighting pickles. A spoonful of our so-called Indian “Achaar” always reminds us of our loveliest childhood. 

Every Indian loves food and doesn’t hesitate to try new things that add some delectable taste to the food. Pickles are an integral part of Indian cuisine and the tanginess effect makes it more enjoyable. Different names across India know Pickles: Achaar in Hindi, Loncha in Marathi, Urukai in Tamil, Athanu in Gujarati, etc. 

A traditionally prepared pickle is actually good for your health. It also adds flavor to your regular meal like roti, sabzi, dal, etc. You can enjoy it with various parathas like aloo paratha, gobi paratha, methi paratha, mixed veg paratha. Don’t miss out on adding pickles to your meal if you love the tangy taste combined with spices, sugar and salt altogether.

In India, achaars can be made out of everything from lime to chillies, gooseberries to fenugreek and so on. But no other pickle gained popularity as much as Mango pickle. As defined, achaars are an important part of every meal; these achaars are traditionally made using oil & spices and generally reserved for summer months before they get pickled.

If you are an Indian food lover, then you just can’t deny the following health benefits of Indian Pickles.

1. Contains vital vitamins and minerals

When Indian pickles are prepared with unripe vegetables and varieties of healthy spices like fenugreek, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, mustard seeds and a few more, the spices added in pickles are a rich source of vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K along with minerals like calcium, potassium and iron.

2. Contains Anti Oxidants

Indian pickles are made using cold-pressed oils such as mustard seeds oil or sesame oil, containing antioxidants. They are considered heart-healthy as they protect our bodies against the attack of free radicals. If these free radicals get mixed with DNA, they alter the configuration. As a result of the fresh and unripe components, Indian pickles are nutrient-dense. This also helps lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

3. Pickles fights inflammation in the body

Indian pickles contain spices like chilli powder and a lot of turmeric powder. As everyone knows, turmeric powder has anti inflammatory properties which act as an immunity booster. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation in the body. Turmeric’s curcumin component also aids the body’s defence against viral attacks.

4. Pickle improves the digestion process

Do you know pickles also aid in the digestion process? It not only adds taste to the food but also helps our body to digest the food. Indian culture is diversified and so is the food & tradition. Pickles are served with almost every Indian meal. 

The human body’s digestive process generates probiotic bacteria that help digest the food. However, as a result of changes in lifestyle and the use of antibiotics, bacteria growth is reduced and they are also eradicated. This can result in several digestive ailments. Kesar Grocery provides a range of Indian pickles that can improve the growth of probiotics, which improves our body’s digestive process. 

Every Indian loves Pickles. Whether they go out for a picnic or carry food during travel time, they never forget to carry pickles with them. 

In today’s world, everyone appears to be preoccupied with their schedule. One may not find time to prepare and preserve pickles for a long time. Ordering online is a new trend as people can get their Indian grocery needs at their doorstep without going to market, saving their precious time. Ordering online also gives comfort and makes it simple to get high-quality pickles. Kesar grocery is one of the best online Indian grocery stores where you can find varieties of pickles such as mango pickle, chilli pickle, garlic pickle, tomato pickle, mixed pickle and many more. For more details, visit today.

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