In the current situation, there are lots of products arrived in the Indian grocery market, some of them get launched and fades out with time, and some of them made history by staying in the market for decades. Indian grocery always has been pointing of attraction because of the variety of products and daily need of households. So, we are going to talk about some of these brands and The most popular Indian grocery shopping products today.

People have been using these products for so long, because of their use in daily life and trust in the products, because of the quality their brands are offering. Now daily needs can be compromised by using other brands and any product can be replaced. So, the question is –

How these products survived ?

 Trust is the most important thing to survive in the business, if the brand or company is fulling the people with the quality and pricing  then it’s not going to last for too long. And this brands maintained the quality and the price for the people, no matter who is using- middle class or rich; it was in the budget of everyone.

So, here is the grocery product list that you can find in any Indian grocery store:


MDH was launched in 1919. This brand has been maintaining its roots for the last 103 years all over the world. It is popular for its taste and the variety the brand is offering. It is believed that Indian food is incomplete without MDH spice masala. Also, the nutrition of this masala is way better than others, there is 

– 13 calories , 

– 2 g carbohydrates 

– 1 g fat and –

– 1 g protein 

per 5 g, which is reliable in the genre of spice masala. 

Brand is provides veg and non veg both food masala to be everyone’s favorite, today .its selling is on high peak You can find this product in any near by grocery store.


An American brand landed in 1937 and won people’s heart. Colgate is the trusted toothpaste brand all over the world. Colgate has been always a trusted brand for Indians because it assures that their customer’s health is their priority. Also besides every big and expensive brand the Colgate provide product that can be afforded by everyone. 

Special ingredients of Colgate toothpaste protect teeth from cavities. Specialty is that it provides more than 12-hour protection. In the past over 85 years of Colgate history it has become the most lovable brand and the most selling toothpaste brand also.


Ghee’s origin is India and AMUL are mostly known for its milk industry, but beside that AMUL has been the favorite grocery item for Indians since so long, so it’s really difficult to find the best brand for it in here; In 1955 AMUL launched AMUL GHEE and it was reliable, people loved it and the brand guarantees its purity.  


814g Calories  
90.5g Total fat
58g  Saturated fat
190mg  cholesterol
700 Vitamin A MCG

Here is nutrition of AMUL GHEE per 100g

Fatty acid like, monounsaturated Omega-3s makes ghee rich is fat and this are good for heart and cardiovascular system.

Now with these products, AMUL has become the biggest brand i, and its selling in grocery market is 61000 crore for 2021-2022.


Tata is the brand,  which is growing its root in every market no matter it’s automobile, chemical or retail; TATA always been the best brand to provide quality service to their customers and best product. After launching so many products TATA TEA came in market in 1964. it was partnership of two companies TATA and JAMES FINLEY & CO. 

Just like the other product of TATA, this also became successful and its selling in all over world was at its peak in very short time. As we all knows that Indian are addicted to tea! So, if the providing quality of tea, then Indians are going to love it. This is how TATA TEA is in the list of top tea brands. This brand is still dominating the market.


Part of daily life routine and hair care product, Parachute is the best product in the category. It is known as a 100% pure coconut oil brand. Coconut oil moisturizes hair, gives strength and smoothness. According to the atmosphere of coconut oil is bast for Indians and that’s why the it’s in the top selling brands in Indian grocery market.

The Final Talk

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